Lassen County Air Pollution Control District
Call Us at (530) 252-4AIR (4247)


For daily burn day status please call 530.257.BURN (2876)

To contact the air district please call  530.252.4247 



The Lassen County Air Pollution Control District is dedicated to ensuring that Lassen County Residents continue to  enjoy good clean air for years to come.   The District is committed to working cooperatively with local businesses and industry in the implementation of Air Quality Programs.

The Air Quality Index in Lassen County is classified as "GOOD" for the majority of the year.  Events such as wildfires and inversion layers in winter months can periodically degrade air quality.   During times of poor air quality the District will endeavor to provide Air Quality Index information to the public. 

Throughout the year, Air District staff is working to administer grant programs, permit and inspect various stationary sources of air pollution, and enforce state, local, and federal air pollution laws and regulations. 

Current Air Quality Information can be found at the links below.

Keep in mind, while the Air Quality Index (AQI) Colors are consistent, the numbers used may be either the Air Quality Index numbers or the actual PM 2.5 or ozone concentration numbers.

U.S. EPA - AirNow Fire and Smoke Map

Federal, State and Local Inter-Agency Monitoring

Purple Air Map - Sensors that are good for knowing particle/smoke impacts